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Both the extraction and the insertion of the grafts by our hair transplant surgeon Munawar Ahmad.
The complete treatment is carried by the doctor

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Specialized in FUE technique, many years of experience in own surgery

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Fill up receding hairline
with 1000 grafts

         For 3.000 EUR

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Before each treatment, there is a detailed consultation, in which we respond to you individually.

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Send pictures – get an offer!
Simple- fast- uncomplicated

Medical-Hair Center
Clinic for hair transplants

Highest level hair transplants with FUE technique

We are a hair transplantation clinic that works exclusively with FUE technique. Our goal is to create the best possible aesthetic end result for you. We use the FUE technique because it provides the best results and at the same time is very gentle for the patient. In addition, this form of surgery leaves no scars.

Our treating physician, Mr. Munawar Ahmad, has many years of experience with more than 1,000 successful surgeries and satisfied patients. Unlike other providers, our doctor performs the complete treatment himself. This is how we achieve the best results.

For many providers, the number of grafts taken is the basis for the lump sum. But the mere number says nothing about the quality of the operation. The grafts’ survival rate is far more important.
The donor area is limited and grafts taken there do not grow again.

Quality is our priority. Request results

Each patient is individually looked after by us and is well cared for. This is ensured by our friendly staff and our first-class service for the hair transplant.

Are you interested in a hair transplant or do you need advice? We would be glad to help you with a nonbinding and confidential consultation.

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“Not the number, but the survival rate of the transplanted hair speaks for the success.”

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