• Is the hair transplant painful?

    No. The treatment takes place under a local anesthetic. This anesthesia lasts about 6 hours on average.

  • Are there risks in the hair transplant?

    A hair transplant with the FUE technique affects only the upper approximately 3 millimeters of the skin layer. Therefore, impairments of the deeper structures are excluded. However, as with any surgery, there is also risk (bleeding, infection, etc.) of hair transplants. In a personal consultation we will provide you with detailed information on the procedure.

  • Will I have pain after treatment?

    Everyone has their own pain sensitivity. In the first night after the hair transplantation, minor pain can occur in the area of harvesting. You will get analgesic drugs that you can take when needed.

  • When can I wash my hair again after treatment?

    Your hair can be washed one a day after treatment by the hair transplant surgeon. A mild hair shampoo is then suitable.

  • Is post-treatment after hair transplant necessary?

    An after-care-treatment is essential for an optimal result. For this, you should visit your treating physician on the following day of the procedure as well as for check-ups after 4 weeks and 3 months.

  • When can I do sports?

    In the first 2 weeks, sweat and strenuous activities should be avoided. Moderately stressful sports such as jogging can be practiced after two weeks, strenuous fitness or strength training after one month.

  • When do the hairs begin to grow again?

    It takes about 2-3 months till the new hair starts to grow. They are at first thin. It takes about 6-7 months until all hairs become visible. Only in the subsequent growth phase does the thickening of the individual hairs ensue, which is reflected in a clear hair compaction. The end result is visible after about 12 months.

  • How long is the result of the hair transplant?

    The result lasts for a lifetime. The newly transplanted hair roots are not affected by androgenic hair loss. This means that they will not fall off again.

  • Can hair be transplanted from other body regions?

    In principle, it is also possible to use donor hair from other body regions, e.g. chest, beard or armpit. From my point of view, however, the aesthetic results are not satisfactory due to different hair morphology (hair texture).

  • Can family members donate hair?

    Only donor hair from your body is possible. In the case of foreign hair, the risk of rejection is very high.

  • Can a new hair transplant be carried out as hair progresses?

    Yes, especially with the FUE technique, care is taken to evenly remove the hair from the coil of the hair, so that there are no visible gaps afterwards. Each session results in approximately 15% homogeneous thinning of the hair coil. The thinning is optically acceptable up to approx. 40%. A new hair transplant is therefore possible.