Martin M., Hamburg

I already had four operations at Dr. Ahmad’s in Bremen and am very satisfied. What distinguishes him from other providers: he does the harvesting as well as the implanting of the follicles himself and is also involved in every single step of the surgery. This is important, because such an operation is far more than just harvesting and implanting. It requires a lot of detailed work, concentration – and thus also sense of responsibility. In addition, the atmosphere in the spacious clinic is particular and relaxed, and the staff is extremely nice. I have always been in good hands there and that’s the reason why I always come back and did not go to a mass provider, who focuses on large-scale marketing and processes customers as on the assembly line.
I have disease-related alopecia and had my first surgery at a well-known provider in the Rhineland. At that time I had chosen a FUT (cutting technique). This was very painful, and the result was a disaster! No wonder: every step of this quite complex surgery was carried out by another person. The insertion of the follicles was finally done by a team of mobile nurses (or whatever they were). I guess the doctor who was working on a fee did a breasts enlargement or a liposuction the following day. It was clear for me at that point that I would never see any of them again. Their responsibility to work thoroughly was correspondingly low. A horrible experience, never again!
If you are looking for a provider, I would advise you to look for a doctor who is specialized on hair transplantation and actually does it from start to finish. I recommend Dr. Ahmad.

Klaus R., Oldenburg

I highly recommend Munawar Ahmad and his entire team. This starts with a very good consultation on the day of surgery. The comparison with others was not so good; I had the impression of being one out of many! When I got to the operation with Mr. Ahmad I was very positively surprised that he did almost every single step himself and identified fully with the work. So I felt very comfortable with him and the decision to make the hair transplant with him was absolutely right!”

Karin L., Berlin

Better than I expected! I am very satisfied. Price-performance is unpoised, since I would have paid much more for the quality according to market price. What I found very good is that the consultation was conducted quietly and without time pressure, that I was offered a six-month installment credit which helped financially and after the surgery follow-up consultation dates were offered. And, of course, the perfect result. No abnormalities and I have a natural hairline.
I recommend Mr. Ahmad to my friends. That means a lot.

Verena M., Bremen

Before the hair transplant I often felt uncomfortable and had no fun doing my hair in the morning or evening. I reluctantly took pictures too. Today, a year after the transplant, I feel more self-assured and am much more motivated. In all, I feel much younger and fresher now.

Christian O., Osnabrück

Hello office team,

I have to admit; I was initially somewhat critical and after the detailed consultation at the Medicalhaircenter, I continued to search the internet for other providers of hair transplants.
But now I’m glad I did it with you! The result is so good that none of my friends noticed that I made a HT! Really cool!
I was picked up in the morning at my favorite baker in Osnabrück – Hellern and brought home again!
Thank you!

Tanja B., Seevetal

My girlfriend was at Medical Haircenter 2 years ago and the result is good. I had the same problem with receding hairline, but I have / had a lot of fear of possible pain.
3 months ago (my New Year’s resolution) I decided to go through it nevertheless! And the pain was not as feared!

What I especially liked:
Throughout the surgery, Mr. Ahmad gave me a step-by-step explanation of what he was doing and what was happening. I needed that! I felt very comfortable!
A point of criticism: I desired to eat a ham sandwich on the day of the operation, but I got a salami sandwich instead.