Therapy options:

In order to start a tailor-made therapy, the cause of hair loss must be figured out. Consulting a dermatologist is the best option. The type of alopecia can be diagnosed within the scope of anamnesis, physical examination, blood test and trichogram.

Medicinal approaches

In the case of androgenetic hair loss, the blood flow of the hair roots is stimulated or the concentration of DHT is lowered. It should be noted, however, that hair loss can only be stopped by an ongoing, cost-intensive treatment. In addition, the necessary medicines have significant side effects because there are no sufficient long-term studies yet.

Hair transplant

A hair transplant always means an autologous self-hair transplant, since only your own hair is not repelled by the body and thus remain permanently. We use one of the most modern methods: FUE technique. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, the individual extraction and re-implantation of whole hairgroup (grafts). This is a very gentle procedure, in which no scalpel is needed and no scars remain and an extremely aesthetic result acrues.

PRP (Autohaemotherapy)

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is the concentrated, enriched blood plasma of the patient. This contains high levels of blood platelets, growth factors and proteins. Injection into the scalp with the finest needles, can stimulate both cell regeneration, circulation increase of the hair roots and stop the hair loss or stimulate hair growth. Depending on the place of application (on the head, skin folds on the face, stretch marks, eye rings, etc.), the age-related cell degradation processes are counteracted, or are revitalized and the self healing effects of the organism are activated. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.